Download Retromatic – Peta Vision Free

Download Retromatic – Peta Vision Free

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Peta Vision - Retromatic illustration


Peta Vision

Genre : Photo et vidéo

Date de sortie: 01 01 2012

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Anyone can make gorgeous retro-style posters using common
photos via Retromatic.

Retromatic provides 17 original retro-style filters, 11 background images and 30 authentic retro-style ornaments.
All these images aim to reflect a social atmosphere of early 20 century.
You can produce your own retro look picture by applying graphic themes, ornaments, and special vintage effect

1. Take or load photo.
2. Highlight the outline of subject.
3. Select wallpaper(graphic theme) and choose color.
4. Select filter
5. Apply ornaments and edit text or change color.
6. Input text.
7. Save or share to social network service.

1. 17 genuine retro filters
2. 11 graphic themes with 17 different colors.
3. Editable 30 retro ornaments with 10 different colors.
4. Support high-resolution image (1280×1248)
5. Support Instagrams, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr

All objects and effects are will be updated continuously.

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Download Retromatic – Peta Vision Free