Download Immortalis – Aeria Mobile Free

Download Immortalis – Aeria Mobile Free

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Aeria Mobile

Genre : Jeux

Date de sortie: 16 16 2013

The next generation of Collectible Card Battle Games is here! 5-Star average in UK, Canada, Singapore and more… 4.5-Stars in US!

Embark on an epic journey to suppress the monster invasion and claim your place as the strongest Soulbinder! You’ll battle and capture hundreds of legendary monsters, imbue them with sacrificial powers, and undertake endless quests, all while fighting other powerful players from across the globe.

What Players Are Saying:

Mindblown ★★★★★
I found this gem … Immortalis is even more exciting at the moment. Each of these TCGs have beautiful art and their own unique qualities. I find that the evolving system here is more to my taste–easy to evolve multiple cards… I go for the storylines and am starting to really like the guild system – by Riyumi, USA

Try it for yourself ★★★★★
I've been through a lot of these card games; LoC, GS, GC, MM, NFL, MLB, RoB, DW, just a few to name. I've ended up quitting most if not all of those, but this game is different, it’s much more than individual strength. It brings out a whole different level of teamwork that few other games can. – by willjstar, Canada

★ ★ ★ The Crystal Wars Are Coming ★ ★ ★
Are you the best of the best? Battle to become one of the Top 50 players
Special Rewards and In-Game Titles will be awarded to Top Players

★ ★ ★ Immortal Battles ★ ★ ★
Grab your comrades and battle other Guilds for supremacy, 4 times a day!

★ Over 650 cards – Conjure, battle, and collect hundreds of legendary creatures to fight by your side and create your own one-of-a-kind deck
★ 70 unique, fast-paced quest zones to conquer
★ Experience striking dark character and monster art with evolutionary progression!
★ Create guilds for cooperative play and battle players in epic Guild vs. Guild battles!
★ Climb to the top of the leader boards and participate in epic ranked combat!
★ Collect crystals through PvP combat to unlock new monsters and special items!
★ Join special scheduled events featuring incredibly powerful enemies. Conquer them and reap mighty rewards


PLEASE NOTE: This game runs best on the following devices:
- iPhone4, iPhone 4S, iPhone5
- iPad4, iPad3, and iPad Mini
- iPod Touch 5th gen

All Rights Reserved

Immortalis, 2012, Aeria 51, LLC
Guardian Battle of Glory, 2012, Pokelabo, inc

Trademark Notices:
Immortalis is a trademark ("(TM)" for the United States) of Aeria 51, LLC and Pokelabo, Inc. in the United States and elsewhere.

© © Aeria 51 LLC

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Download Immortalis – Aeria Mobile Free